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Solo exhibition by Tipperary artist Sarah Corner opens 30th September, Wine reception 3 – 5pm.

About Sarah Corner

Originally from Surrey, England, Sarah trained with one of the foremost Restorers of painted and decorated Antiques, a Mr Reginald Dudman of London. During her years with Mr. Dudman she gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the techniques of period Master Craftsmen and Artists. Sarah worked on some of the most important pieces for private collectors, the antiques trade and Museums including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum. one of her most noted projects in the 1980’s was working on the restoration of the painted and gilded throne canopy that houses the throne from where the Queen opens Parliament in the House of Lords, Palace of Westminster.

   On leaving Reginald Dudman’s studio Sarah moved to Dorset where she ran her own decorative and applied arts and restoration business for approximately 16 years. Her many clients included the Hon.T Lindsay of Hedingham Castle and she exhibited her own original crafts and paintings at such venues as Longleat house, Waterperry House, Chaterhouse school, Losely house and Highclere Castle. During this time Sarah was inspired by the beautiful Dorset countryside to paint more of her own paintings and receiving a positive response to her work gave her the confidence to concentrate entirely on this.

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