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An exhibition of landscape and wild-life paintings by Sarah Corner

‘My painting is true to nature in style and I am true to nature in my heart. The most important thing for me is to paint what moves me or touches my inner spirit and I find the beauty and power of nature is always inspirational.

Protecting nature has never been as vital as it is today and this collection of paintings are a celebration of this beautiful world we have all taken for granted to some degree, but now must cherish and be true to, as we too are part of earth’s whole system. From my training in restoration I gained a foundation in the skills of the master artists and craftsmen from history which I have developed over the years into my own modern, realistic, yet painterly style that allows me to exercise those skills whilst leaving me the creative freedom to express myself by interpreting what I see. While I take great care to get the detail right within my paintings such as having all the feathers of the bird’s plumage just as it should be and the wild flowers in right season and so on, I at times use a slightly looser, free brush style to add a more immediate quality to my work. Although each painting is begun in the field, most of the work is built up in layers over weeks or months back in my studio. The journey I make from inspiration to finished work requires patience and great effort to put into paint my own special vision from what I deeply observe and how I feel. Through my paintings I try to draw the viewer into the scene, down the country lane or into a moment of a wild creature’s life, to share the magic and beauty. So I invite you to view my paintings with your own insight, intelligence and emotions to make that connection.

In 2018 I was invited to join AERA (the association embracing realistic art) and I am delighted that there is a strong and growing movement in the art world of the appreciation and practice of ‘skill based’ painting rather than just the honoring of conceptions alone, with the teaching of painting and drawing techniques not being considered as important, because as in many other areas of the arts and crafts these skills could be lost forever.

I am delighted to return again to Kilcock Art Gallery with this new work, after the success of my previous exhibitions, with the friendly, appreciative and supportive atmosphere that the gallery gives me as an artist’

Sarah Corner October, 2019